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South Paw Doodles

We are South Paw Doodles,
your one-stop destination for high quality, healthy
and happy Golden Doodles!
We are proud to be your Doodle Boutique!


We now have puppies in 15 states!

We made the Top 10 list of BEST BREEDERS

in South Carolina according to

"Devoted to Dog" website! 

We are dedicated

to a Loving Legacy!

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About South Paw Doodles

"Doodle Boutique"

What do we mean when we say we are a "Doodle Boutique"? For us, being a "Doodle Boutique" means that we are a specialized breeder that focuses on breeding Golden Doodles, a popular hybrid dog breed that is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. We operate on a small scale and take a personalized approach, catering to a specific clientele who share our love for the breed.

We offer exclusive and personalized experiences for our clients and their furry companions, and we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies.


"It takes a dog to know a dog, and I'm a howlin' sun of a gun!"

- the late Charlie Daniels R.I.P.

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