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Meet The Parents

Our Dam... and Member of Our Family

Cute Puppy


Curly Haired

Whiskey is a cute ball of playfulness. They have been introduced to small children and household pets already, and have even begun potty training. We are a bit sad to say goodbye to Whiskey, but can’t wait to see which family they will join.

Meet The Parents

Our Dam

(our Sire is yet to be determined... we are searching for the perfect match)


Miss Scarlett

2 Year Old 2nd Generation Golden Doodle

CKC registered & Good Dog Approved

Genetic Health Tested and OFA Certification Pending

Miss Scarlett is from our 2022 "Red" Litter

A pairing of our retired Dam

Miss Bo & Cooper (from Hampshire Hill)

Meet Miss Scarlett: More Than Just a Breeding Dam

Miss Scarlett isn't just a breeding dam to us; she's an integral part of our family. With her playful demeanor, affectionate nature, and unwavering loyalty, she's captured the hearts of everyone she meets.

A Cherished Family Member:

Miss Scarlett embodies everything we love about dogs – she's fun-loving, goofy, and incredibly sweet. From her playful antics to her gentle cuddles, she brings endless joy into our lives every day.

Intelligent and Loyal:

Behind Miss Scarlett's playful exterior lies a keen intelligence and unwavering loyalty. She's not just a pet; she's a trusted companion who's always by our side, ready to offer comfort and support.

An Unlikely Friendship:

One of Miss Scarlett's most endearing traits is her ability to form connections with creatures of all kinds. Her best friend, besides her mama, Miss Bo, is a stray kitten who wandered into our lives one day. Their bond is a testament to Miss Scarlett's loving and inclusive nature.

A Neighborhood Celebrity:

Miss Scarlett and Miss Bo aren't just beloved by our family – they're local celebrities in our neighborhood. Passersby often stop to pet them and shower them with affection as they stroll past our house.

Perfect with People:

Whether it's children, adults, or even stray kittens, Miss Scarlett's love knows no bounds. Her friendly and sociable nature makes her a hit with everyone she meets, earning her a special place in the hearts of our community.

Join the Miss Scarlett Experience:

If you're searching for a puppy with the same loving and endearing qualities as Miss Scarlett, you're in luck. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming litters and reserve your own bundle of joy.


"What do dogs do on their day off? They can't lay around... that's their job!" - George Carlin

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