The Adoption Process

Everything you need to know!

At South Paw Doodles we specialize in healthy and well adjusted pups from our family to yours. This is why both parents are genetically tested for any breed-specific diseases and other common physical abnormalities through Paw Prints Genetics, as well as vet and OFA certified. This is why we offer a 2 year Health Guarantee on each puppy. Our puppies are also raised, trained and given individual attention on a daily basis by our family. They literally live in our home, which gives them the socialization and environment they need to make the transition to your home and family as seamless as possible.

We are also very specific with our Dam and Sire because it is our desire to breed puppies with an easy temperament, high intelligence and a non-shedding "hypoallergenic" coat. These are the three traits that most Gold Doodle lovers are looking for. We believe we have paired the perfect Dam and Sire to deliver these traits in our Doodle pups. You can review our section on this website called "Meet The Parents" to learn more about the Dam and Sire. While NO Golden Doodle breeder can honestly make a guarantee that 100% of their pups are non-shedders, our combination of Dam and Sire deliver the best chances for their puppies to be exactly that... and their past litters have born this out!

Follow the links on this page to learn about our Adoption Process and begin your journey with a South Paw Doodle puppy!

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