Selecting the Perfect Puppy for Your Family

The Fantasy

It's a sunny warm spring morning. Your family has made a decision to get a Golden Doodle. Your children are excited as you load up into the Grand Caravan and head out to visit two or three Doodle breeders. The picnic lunch is packed and you're on your way! Several hours later your family is visiting the second breeder on your list. Your children are rolling on the ground surrounded by cute fluffy Doodle pups. Mom is taking pictures on her phone. There's lots of laughter and smiles. Out of nowhere that one special puppy separates from the rest of the litter and comes up to your daughter, looks her in the eye... and licks her face. "Daddy! Mommy! This is the one!" Your hearts swell with love, and all of you immediately agree on a name. And they all lived happily ever after...

The Reality

Welcome to the year 2022! While visiting breeders to pick out which pup is going to go home with you has been done in the past, we now live in a new reality, as unfortunate as that is. Our pups are born and raised in our home, and raised by us. We all should be cautious with Covid, but if that were not bad enough, we as breeders need to also consider a nasty little virus call PARVO. Parvo is deadly for puppies, and has been known to wipe out an entire litter. Gone are the days of visiting multiple breeders on a Saturday to find the perfect puppy.

So What Do We Do?

At South Paw Doodles we want to make the process of selecting and adopting your Doodle pup as simple as possible. We want you to be happy, and to recommend us in the future. The first step is to fill out the Adoption Application. We will review your Application, and if we see that you are a good fit for our puppies we will schedule an appointment by phone to discuss your needs, and what you are looking for in a dog. This will help us match you up with the right puppy. If you are serious about reserving a puppy, then we will accept a non-refundable $200 deposit to add you to our litter list. Our list has 8 slots. More will be added if the litter is larger than 8. If the litter is smaller, say there are 6 pups, then the last two people added to the list will receive a refund of their deposit. The x-ray will tell us how many to expect, but sometimes x-rays are not 100% accurate. (Keep in mind, we are a Doodle Boutique... we have one litter a year, not a constant rotation of litters. There are no other lists to switch you to.) If later someone further up the list drops out for whatever reason, then those that were dropped from the list because of litter size will be immediately contacted and given the option to be put back on the list. 

The Puppies Are Here! Which One Is Yours?

Pup Personality Assessments

The puppies are born! Now the fun begins! For those who are on the list and have paid their deposits, we want you to experience the litter right along with us. How do we do this AND Social Distance because of COVID-19 and Parvovirus? Well, the same way that many churches and businesses have been doing things: Technology! We will not live stream the birth of the litter. For one thing, it could take up to 24 hours, but also during that time we need to concentrate on Miss Bo and her delivery, as well as help clear the air passages, etc of the pups. We don't want to be distracted with trying to live stream. However, when the pups are born and cleaned up and resting... let the photo taking begin! We will be continually posting photos and videos of the pups as they grow and develop, and you are welcome to indulge yourself all you want. If you are on the list, you are welcome to contact us on Facebook or via Email at any time with questions you may have about the pups.

Usually around 6 weeks of age the puppies' personalities really begin to come through. Its at that time that we will preform personality assessments on each pup individually. We will already have a good idea of their personalities because the pups will all be handled and cared for on a daily basis by our family. Using our assessment program will help us pinpoint certain personality traits about the pups that will help us match them up with what you have told us about your own family dynamic and your needs. The idea that someone can visit a litter and just know within 10 minutes which dog is "the one" isn't realistic. Because the pups are members of our family for 8 weeks, our assisting you in the selection truly is the best way to go.

How We Handle Visits

We love meeting our clients, therefore around week 5-6 we host a "meet your puppy" weekend here at South Paw Doodles for clients only, by appointment only. We do have protocols in place to keep everyone safe from Covid, and the puppies safe from any diseases they are susceptible to at their age, including Parvo. Those protocols are explained to our visitors prior to their visit. Since our puppies often find homes as far away as Arizona, obviously some clientele are not able to come to "meet your puppy" weekend, so we offer opportunities for those folks to FaceTime with us and their puppy.

"I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons!" - Will Rogers