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Past Litters & Testimonials

Our experience with South Paw Doodles was wonderful!  They were friendly, helpful, and open with communication.  We were kept up to date on our puppy with pictures, videos, and vet visits!  Our new pup is a sweetie and we couldn’t be happier!  We highly recommend South Paw Doodles!

- Kristin H. in Bel Air MD -

Litter 1

We had the BEST experience with South Paw Doodles! They communicated with us almost every day thru emails, Facebook and videos. They made us part of the whole process beginning with Miss Bo's labor and birth of the pups and then 8 weeks of adorable pictures and updates. South Paw Doodles is very honest and upfront about every detail. They have amazing knowledge that they shared with us to help prepare for little Savannah. We interviewed many breeders before signing with South Paw Doodles and am so grateful we went with them! We have 100% confidence in recommending them to anyone looking for a Golden Doodle! In fact, we have offered South Paw Doodles to give our contact information to future clients that want more information about our experience.
- Cindy D. in Mesa AZ -


6 week physical & shots


South Paw Doodles was exactly the type of breeder I was looking for and more! I loved that Miss Bo (the mama) is only bred once a year and is their family dog. South Paw Doodles was helpful every step of the way, answered all my questions, and were readily available. They give weekly updates including pictures, videos, and reports and have you falling in love with your future puppy from day 1. Great experience, highly recommended.

- Daniela J. in Miami Beach FL -


First and foremost, I really wanted to thank you for your professionalism during the puppy process. South Paw Doodles definitely went above and beyond! The entire process from start to finish was amazing. Now, if that wasn't enough, you gave us the most incredible puppy ever! Marshall is doing amazing! He is so sweet, playful and beyond adorable. He is growing so fast. We took him to the vet for the second time today and he has already gained 10 lbs! The vet cannot stop gushing over him and how great of a temperament he has. We are really enjoying him and he has settled in very nicely. He is pretty much house trained and even sits by the door when he needs to go out. He knows his name and comes when called. We even taught him to give us his paw! He is soooo smart. You guys really did an amazing job. As you know I went through a not so great experience when we bought our first dog. I was very skeptical that this process might not be legit and I was so wrong! You are the real deal! Thank you for always keeping us updated with your emails and Facebook posts. I know all that you did took a lot of time. I really can't say enough good things about South Paw Doodles. Thank you again!!

- Shannon L. in NJ -

Watson 02.jpg

We were so blessed to be able to add "Samson Trapper" to our family on June 4, 2021. We were informed that South Paw Doodles had a “no show” on Puppy pickup day, which turned out to be a great benefit for our family as we took advantage of the opportunity to make “Samson Trapper” ours at the last minute! He has added so much joy and excitement to our home.  He is so smart, loving and hilarious at times. Steve and Kristi were so informative! Within hours they had forwarded all of the information about him to us from the beginning of the pregnancy to the day we picked him up. It was so nice to be able to read through all of the information that was recorded that we missed along the way. The love and care South Paw Doodles have for Miss Bo and her puppies is absolutely incredible!!

– Allison B. of Greenville SC -


We love South Paw Doodles! That’s what we tell everyone that asks about and compliments our dog! After contacting South Paw Doodles online, they called to get to know us. We really liked that they took the time to make sure each puppy is getting a suitable family! It felt like an honor and this was just the first of many instances of impressing us with their personal touch. Following South Paw Doodles on Facebook became our single favorite past time. Hearing about the “dates,” pregnancy, vet visits and the all-anticipated birth! The communication was clear, consistent, and extremely helpful! Once we picked our puppy, they allowed us to “rename” her so she would already be used to her name (which worked!). They posted and sent pictures and videos of the litter and just our beautiful Maple May. We got to meet her after about a month. My favorite thing about South Paw Doodles is that Miss Bo (the momma) is their personal, beloved, spoiled pet and the puppies are born and cared for in their family home, in their kitchen, with their kids. This is a personal-passion situation, not a big breeder business. The puppy’s socialization and care is unparalleled. After our first visit, I had such peace that our puppy was loved and simply coming from one family’s home to another. Our Maple May did not have to get used to the many sounds of a house, people, cars. Side note, years ago, our parents got a golden doodle that was raised in a shed outside. We felt so lucky to have found South Paw Doodles! As the pickup date got closer, we received weekend updates and tips for our new puppy. Both my husband and I grew up with dogs, but this was our first dog together. The emails from South Paw Doodles helped guide us when to start buying dog food, which type of toys, health tips, and when to schedule our first vet appointment. South Paw Doodles helped us get ready. When we picked her up, our puppy was plump, spoiled, and smiling! Kristi of South Paw Doodles cried as we left with Maple May, which simultaneously broke my heart that she was leaving her first family but also brought me so much joy that she was loved within an inch of her life! Since we have brought her home, we stay in touch with pictures and comments! Our Maple May is the happiest most beautiful dog with the best smile in America! We adore her and love the family she came from! Thank you South Paw Doodles for our favorite furry family member! I cannot recommend them enough! They are professional yet so personal! Highly, highly recommend to anyone looking for a Golden Doodle!

- Leanne & Austin R in Huntersville, NC -

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

– Will Rogers

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